As a private individual, as an entrepreneur and as a company, you need advice and support in all areas of national and international tax law. We represent you in tax litigation before all municipal, cantonal and federal bodies and create the desired legal certainty for you by negotiating rulings with the tax authorities. If required, we will also assist you in the area of criminal tax law and in administrative assistance proceedings.

Careful tax planning is key for corporate transactions as well as for income and asset structuring and estate planning for private individuals. This includes not only the analysis of tax-optimised asset structures, such as the use of foundations and trusts, but also advice on issues relating to value added tax, customs and import duties. Our specialists will also assist you in the event of a dispute with the tax authorities.

In close cooperation and thanks to a well-established partnership with foreign law firms, we can also offer you solutions in cross-border tax matters and provide competent assistance when settling in Switzerland or relocating abroad.

Tax return

Our tax law team also has tax specialists who assist our clients in particular in the tax return process for purposes of income and wealth taxes, profit and capital taxes and real estate gains tax. We take care of the complete preparation of your tax return and handle all necessary contacts with the relevant tax authorities.

In close cooperation and thanks to a well-established collaboration with foreign partners, we can also offer tax solutions in the cross-border area and thus ensure your tax compliance internationally.

  • Tax returns for all types of taxes in all cantons
  • Preparation of your tax return and compilation of all required documents
  • Solution-oriented, individual support
  • Proactive tax planning and tax optimization
  • Recovery of withholding tax
  • Recovery of source tax
  • Examination of tax assessment and support in case of ambiguities, discrepancies
  • Support in the objection procedure, if necessary

Our competencies at a glance:

  • Automatic exchange of information and FATCA
  • Advice on investment structures / private equity / start-up
  • Advice on the acquisition, holding and operation of aircraft
  • Compliance regarding all your tax, customs and duty declarations
  • Import duties, in particular VAT on imports
  • Financing of aircraft, machinery, plant and vehicles
  • Planning distribution of retained earnings
  • Property gains tax
  • Holding and licencing companies
  • Real estate leasing and other real estate transactions
  • International tax matters involving double taxation treaties
  • Collective investments and investment companies
  • VAT issues
  • Employee participation plans
  • National and international capital market transactions
  • Planning of mergers and acquisitions
  • Appeals to the Federal Supreme Court
  • Gift and inheritance tax
  • Self-disclosure
  • Social security contributions
  • Stamp duty
  • Tax exemption for charitable foundations
  • Tax analysis of foundations and trusts
  • Tax optimisation for group headquarters in Switzerland
  • Tax flat rates for private individuals
  • Tax planning for top management, entrepreneurs and private individuals
  • Tax proceedings in all instances, including criminal tax proceedings
  • Tax due diligence
  • Tax opinion in all tax jurisdictions
  • Turnover tax
  • Tax returns
  • Corporate restructuring
  • Negotiations with tax authorities
  • Withholding tax issues
  • (Residence) transfer
  • Administrative criminal proceedings
  • Representation in administrative assistance proceedings
  • Customs law and import duties