You have to solve legal challenges as a private person, company or as a representative of the public authorities. We advise you on questions of constitutional and administrative law, in particular local law, and cooperation between the public and private sectors.

We also represent you in all public law proceedings before local, cantonal and federal authorities, including the cantonal administrative and social security courts, the Federal Administrative Court and the Federal Supreme Court.

Our competencies at a glance:

  • Foreigners’ issues, residence permits and work permits
  • Municipal, cantonal and federal constitutional and organisational law
  • Cooperation between the public and private sectors
  • Building, spatial planning and environmental protection law (contaminated sites, building permits)
  • Construction methods, expropriation, noise and air emissions, mobile phone antennae
  • Economic administrative law (export risk guarantees, goods control and embargo issues, sanctions, investment law and investment aid/subsidy law)
  • Representation and advice before all authorities, instances and courts